Formed in 2018 as a platform for the development, construction and long-term operation of renewable energy assets, National Energy’s key focus is on solar photovoltaic and wind projects.

Our mission is to develop, finance and construct at least 2 Gigawatt of new renewable energy assets worldwide in the next 5 years.

National Energy’s headquarters are in London, UK. We have significant operations in Greece for more than two years, with 270MWp of solar rights that have passed the auction, and a further 400MWp under development in Greece and other countries.

National Energy is privately financed by US investors.

National Energy strongly believes that the best way to deliver the global need for clean energy transition is to work closely with local partners and ensure that projects are developed, built and operated in a way that benefits local stakeholders and the environment.

We work with experienced developers and contractors to take early-stage renewable energy projects through the development process.

This includes working to:

•  Secure licenses and consents for construction

•  Secure land rights

•  Secure long-term revenue agreements (PPAs) needed to make these projects economically viable and

•  Secure construction finance and

•  Building and operating these assets to the highest standards of technical excellence.

We work closely with financing banks to raise the capital needed to fund construction, alongside our own investment in these projects


Our in-house team are experienced industry professionals with collective decades of renewable energy experience, covering financial modelling, accountancy, financial structuring, construction, M&A and capital markets experience.

Ali Khashokji


Ali is a serial entrepreneur, with extensive experience in project origination and financing for large scale industrial developments.