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We believe in a smart energy future. We invest in clean energy solutions and deliver profitable projects, where strong financial returns are only part of the picture. Sustainability investment is not part of our strategy; it is our strategy.

Our founders grasp the bigger picture of the complex climate challenges we need to tackle today and have created a company based on the core belief that we must change things for the better. We see ourselves as smart energy investors with a passion for environmental and social stewardship.

Our mission is to develop, finance and construct at least 5GW of new renewable energy assets worldwide in the next 5 years.
What we stand for
Our world requires an unprecedented transformation of how energy is produced. We believe in the necessity of reaching a net zero economy in our lifetime and recognise the magnitude of the work and the investment required to get there. In fact, the scale and speed of the efforts demanded by tackling climate change are perhaps the greatest challenge of our time.
We and our shareholders wish to play our part in this transition and are committed to achieving a smart energy future by investing in clean energy solutions.
What this means in practice
Our mission is to develop, build and operate an ever-growing portfolio of renewable energy targeting 5GW of operational assets in the next five years.
Our business is based on the core belief that we must change things for the better.
We deliver high-quality projects using best engineering practices with a focus on hands-on green land management, benefiting the land, the environment, the people, and the wider community. Our innovative ideas and hunt for opportunities lead to successful clean energy solutions. The drive behind our work is simple: sustainability investment is not a part of our strategy; it is our strategy.

We actively choose to be a part of the clean energy revolution.

We produce clean energy solutions and solve difficult challenges.

We share a purpose as individuals, as teams and as a growing company and wish to be a part of something bigger.

We aim to:

Break new ground and reach new heights

Grow as professionals

Work alongside the best and the brightest

We strive to:

Be bold

Demonstrate resilience no matter the odds

Improve, together

We aspire to:

Do the right thing

Welcome all viewpoints

Build trust in each other and in our communities

National Energy has a renewable energy portfolio of greater than 3GW of assets currently under development, under construction or already operational.